QNix® 5500

The coating thickness gauge – focusing on the essentials.

QNix® 5500 is our recommendation for industrial coatings,
Surface finishing and heavy-duty corrosion protection

A coating thickness gauge for coating control on metal

Let us convince you of the features, advantages and technical data of the new QNix 5500 We are sure to provide you with added value for your measuring tasks Quality and service are and will remain our top priority

Our product range

With its QNix® brand, Automation Dr. Nix offers a wide range of coating thickness gauges for the non-destructive measurement of coatings for a wide variety of applications in a wide range of industries.

QNix® 9500 Highly accurate and extremely robust coating thickness gauge. Ideally suited for measurement tasks with requirements for measured value storage, archiving, creation of documentation & reports and device configurations.
QNix® 5500 The optimum device for quick and easy checking of coating thickness. Handy, precise, extremely robust, designed for continuous use and very user-friendly. Simply switch on, put on, read off
QNix® 4500 / 4200 Universal, tried and tested and reliable. Wide range of applications and easy handling.
QNix® 1500 / 1200 The classic coating knife. Very popular with motor vehicle experts, especially proven for larger measuring areas. With automatic on/off and one-hand operation.