We particularly recommend QNix® 4600 for Coating thickness measurements in the field of industrial painting and vehicle evaluation.

The QNix® 4600 in use

Regardless of whether the QNix® 4600 is used for powder coating or wet painting, it does a great job in the field of industrial painting. The bright, 2″ color LCD with automatic display alignment makes it easy to read the measured values in any position – even in poor lighting conditions. The display of mean value, standard deviation, largest and smallest measured value provides all the necessary statistical information on the current measurement series.
With over 100 measurements per minute, the QNix® 4600 can easily keep up with its measurement objects in terms of speed. Thanks to its handy and ergonomic design, it is in pole position when it comes to vehicle evaluation. The practical one-button operation ensures that the painting work can be checked quickly, reliably and accurately. The QNix® 4600 delivers precise measurement results without complex device configuration. Switch on, put on, read off. The large base and low center of gravity ensure safe positioning and prevent incorrect measurements.

Our product range

With its QNix® brand, Automation Dr. Nix offers a wide range of coating thickness gauges for the non-destructive measurement of coatings for a wide variety of applications in a wide range of industries.

QNix® 9500 Highly accurate and extremely robust coating thickness gauge. Ideally suited for measurement tasks with requirements for measured value storage, archiving, creation of documentation & reports and device configurations.
QNix® 5500 The optimum device for quick and easy checking of coating thickness. Handy, precise, extremely robust, designed for continuous use and very user-friendly. Simply switch on, put on, read off
QNix® 4500 / 4200 Universal, tried and tested and reliable. Wide range of applications and easy handling.
QNix® 1500 / 1200 The classic coating knife. Very popular with motor vehicle experts, especially proven for larger measuring areas. With automatic on/off and one-hand operation.