Area of application

Coating thickness measurement in surface finishing

Whether for industry or private clients: users can measure thin layers and small parts with the QNix® 9500 or the QNix® 8500 and the pin probe


If you are a user who finishes metal or plastic, there is no way around electroplating. Today, it is used in a wide variety of industrial sectors, but also in the private sector.

Functional coatings achieve defined surface properties for corrosion and wear protection. They offer chemical resistance or hardness, for example. However, the coating can also be used for decorative purposes – thanks to its high gloss level. Quality assurance has a special task here. This is because the layers are very thin and the tolerance range is comparatively small.

The QNix® 9500 and QNix® 8500 coating thickness gauges are particularly suitable for the quality control of thin coatings and small parts.

The QNix® 9500 and QNix® 8500 coating thickness gauges are our recommendation for surface finishing.

Our recommendations for this area of application

QNix® 9500

Expandable, modular device system with interchangeable probes up to max. 5.000
m measuring range – guarantees subsequent adaptation to new measuring tasks over the entire product life cycle

User-replaceable probe cable

High measuring speeds of up to 120 measurements/minute

Quick and easy adjustment function

Duplex measurement mode for measuring multi-layer systems on steel with zinc and insulating layers

Storage capacity up to max. 1.5 million measured values in over 100 jobs of 100 areas each with statistics function and PC software for evaluation and documentation

Acoustic and visual indication when set minimum and maximum layer thicknesses are exceeded or not reached, also on the probe

Reduced shock sensitivity thanks to multi-layer device structure and glass fiber reinforced robust housing with IP64 dust and splash water protection

Durable ruby measuring tip for a high number of measurements

Stainless steel housing with IP 65 dust and splash water protection for all probes

Other areas of application

Heavy-duty corrosion protection

Shipbuilding | Offshore | Bridges | Energy distribution | Chemical industry


Wet paint | powder coating


Motor vehicle experts | vehicle dealers | body repairs

Precision and accuracy

To increase the accuracy of measurement results, a coating thickness gauge must be adjusted before use. Adjustment (also known as calibration) adapts the devices to the properties of the basic substrate.

The two coating thickness gauges QNix® 9500 and QNix® 8500 have several calibration functions to ensure the correct measurement result. The calibration memory allows you to save calibrations and save time for recurring applications.

Area of application

The interchangeable probe enables precise measurements of thin, non-ferromagnetic metal coatings such as chrome, copper, zinc as well as paints, enamels or plastic coatings on ferromagnetic substrates.

Measuring on small parts

Only the correct coating thickness for small steel parts, such as screws or bolts, guarantees good adhesive strength and sufficient protection against corrosion. The optimized pin probe MI Fe 500 μm, which is available for the QNix® 8500, reduces interfering measurement effects at edges. Users can measure much closer to edges and therefore also precisely on small parts.