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Coating thickness measurement in vehicle evaluation

Coating thickness gauges are indispensable in the evaluation of vehicles


Today, professional vehicle assessments are only possible with the aid of coating thickness gauges, e.g. for professional accident or value appraisals, for lease returns, when purchasing used cars and for the inspection and documentation of bodywork and paintwork. With the QN9 software, you can quickly and easily create templates for different body shapes, which you can save on the handheld device. Generate new jobs (test plan for a vehicle) from your saved template with just three clicks on the handset. Create report templates for the test report, add photos or comments or generate your standard report with just three clicks after connecting the measuring device to the PC. Automatic display alignment, brightness adjustment, large probe base and low center of gravity – the device facilitates fast and precise work.

The QNix® 9500 and 5500 coating thickness gauges are our recommendation for vehicle evaluation.

Protecting the paint when measuring

When measuring the coating thickness of the paint, the device is placed several times at different points on the vehicle. To protect the paint surface from scratches or marks, the measuring tip of our measuring devices is fitted with a polished ruby.

Work efficiently

Efficiency is also important when evaluating vehicles. This is because the overall cost is high, depending on how many measurements are taken on a vehicle and whether they need to be documented.

The coating thickness gauges from QNix® allow particularly fast and ergonomic measurement. The large contact surface ensures secure positioning. With the automatic display alignment, you always have the measured value in view.

Determination of tin layers

After an accident repair, a layer thickness of up to 3 mm can occur on the bodywork, even if the repair has been carried out professionally. In classic cars, even up to 5 mm. This is usually due to the tin layer that is used for leveling after dent removal. The QNix® coating thickness gauges are also available as dual devices. This allows you to determine the total layer thickness on the steel (Fe) and the layer thickness on the tin plating (NFe). In the measuring range up to 5 mm, you can determine the total layer thickness even with a thicker tin coating.

Precision and accuracy

To ensure accurate measurement results, a coating thickness gauge must be adjusted before use. They are thus adapted to the properties of the basic substrate. This is not possible when measuring vehicles, as the uncoated substrate is not available.

Coating thickness gauges from QNix® have a measuring technology which, in combination with the factory calibration stored in the device, ensures precise and correct measurement results. Adjustment of the devices with foils is unnecessary for applications in the automotive sector. A simple zero adjustment (standardization) of the device on the reference standards supplied is sufficient.

Simple operation

Technical work equipment is becoming increasingly complex in order to meet individual requirements. Coating thickness gauges in particular often offer a large number of functions because they are used in a wide variety of industries and have to cover many requirements.

QNix® coating thickness gauges are therefore not only of high quality and made in Germany. Our measuring devices are particularly easy to use. With our easy-to-use concept, we meet this requirement: with simple and fast coating thickness measurement or with software-supported documentation of the results.

PC-supported documentation software

Documentation of the coating thickness measurement may be necessary when preparing value and accident appraisals or for lease returns if the results have an influence on the value of the vehicle. The reference of the measured value to a specific area of the vehicle is particularly helpful, for example to illustrate the reason for the depreciation to third parties.

The QNix® 9500 Premium+ supports you in this: you can create job templates once for each vehicle type and define body parts as individual areas. Create report templates Generate your report with vehicle and customer information with just three clicks or add photos to the order. All information is saved in the report on your computer so that you can retrieve it later.

Our recommendations for this area of application

QNix® 9500

Expandable, modular device system with interchangeable probes up to max. 5.000
m measuring range – guarantees subsequent adaptation to new measuring tasks over the entire product life cycle

User-replaceable probe cable

High measuring speeds of up to 120 measurements/minute

Quick and easy adjustment function

Duplex measurement mode for measuring multi-layer systems on steel with zinc and insulating layers

Storage capacity up to max. 1.5 million measured values in over 100 jobs of 100 areas each with statistics function and PC software for evaluation and documentation

Acoustic and visual indication when set minimum and maximum layer thicknesses are exceeded or not reached, also on the probe

Reduced shock sensitivity thanks to multi-layer device structure and glass fiber reinforced robust housing with IP64 dust and splash water protection

Durable ruby measuring tip for a high number of measurements

Stainless steel housing with IP 65 dust and splash water protection for all probes

QNix® 5500

Compact, easy-to-use handheld measuring device for quick measurement of coatings

High measuring speeds of up to 120 measurements/minute

Reduced shock sensitivity thanks to multi-layer device structure and glass fiber reinforced robust housing with IP64 dust and splash water protection

Durable ruby measuring tip for a high number of measurements

Stainless steel housing with IP 65 dust and splash water protection for all probes

Simple and quick adjustment function (zero point adjustment) on the uncoated original substrate or on the reference standards supplied

Device versions with integrated or with cable probe up to 5 mm measuring range

QNix® 1500

Large measuring range from 0 to 5000

Particularly suitable for large measuring objects

No measuring range switching

Convenient one-handed operation.

Storage of the last measured value

Substrate change by simply turning through 180

Polished ruby measuring tip to protect the paint when measuring

Optional: Memory and statistics functions

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