Area of application

Coating thickness measurement for surface finishing

Whether for industrial purposes or private customers: Users can measure thin layers and small parts using the QNix® 8500 and the pencil probe


If you are a user and need to finish metal or synthetic material, there’s no avoiding electroplating technology. Nowadays it is used in a wide variety of sectors both in the industry and in private applications.

Functional coatings create defined surface properties for protection against corrosion and wear. They offer chemical resistance or hardness, for instance. They can also fulfil decorative purposes by creating a high gloss. Quality assurance has a special task here: Because the layers are very thin, their area of tolerance is comparatively small.

The coating measurement gauge QNix® 8500 and the pencil probe are especially well-suited for quality checks for thin layers and small parts.


Precision and accuracy

To increase the accuracy of measurement results, coating thickness gauges must be adjusted before use. This adjustment (also referred to as calibration) adapts the devices to the properties of the basic substrate.

The coating thickness gauge QNix® 8500 has several calibration functions to guarantee proper measurement results. You can use the calibration storage function to store calibrations and time for recurring applications.

Area of application

The interchangeable probe enables precise measurement of thin, non-ferromagnetic metal coatings such as chromium, copper and zinc, as well as paint, enamel or synthetic coatings on ferromagnetic substrates.


Measuring on small parts

Only the proper layer thickness for small steel parts, such as screws and nuts, guarantees good adherence and sufficient protection against corrosion. The optimised pencil probe MI Fe 500 μm reduces disruptive measurement effects at edges. Users can measure much closer to edges and thus make precise measurements for small parts as well.


Our recommendation for this area of application

QNix® 8500 with pencil probe

  • Great precision and accuracy
  • Precise measurement by hand or with an optional gauge stand
  • Two measurement principles in one hand-held gauge: Magnetic induction and the Hall effect, can be combined via a simple probe switch
  • Robust probe with stainless steel design
  • The pencil form makes it easy to calibrate the probe
  • Calibration memory for different applications
  • Precise measurements with and without a stand (optional)
  • Quick and easy calibration function
  • Can store up to 30,000 measurement values in over 200 blocks with a statistics function
  • PC software for evaluation and documentation with an
    Excel export function
  • Hardened, polished measurement tip protects the surface of the object to be measured and the measurement probe

Additional areas of application