QNix® 9500

The coating thickness gauge to measure the thickness of coating on metal

QNix® 9500 is recommended for heavy corrosion protection, industrial coating, as well as for surface finishing.


The coating thickness gauge to measure the thickness of coating on metal

  • QNix® 9500 HANDHELD
  • QNix® 9500 PROBE
  • QNix® 9500 SOFTWARE


For valid results in quality assurance
  • High measuring trueness over the entire range
  • Very high repeatability of measured results
  • Easy adjustment on rough, smooth or curved substrates


For long and reliable use, even under harsh conditions
  • Fibreglass reinforced, 5 piece casing with IP65 dust and splash water protection
  • Three layer protection to absorb shocks
  • LCD glass providing resistance against scratches and chemicals (Level H6)
  • Operational temperature from -20 °C to +70 °C


Fast and fatigue proof work even with continuous use
  • Direct feedback from limit indicator in display and RGB-LED on the probe
  • Luminosity IPS-LCD24°, colour, 600 lm, reading angle 70°
  • Optimal readability of display even in direct sunlight, brightness can be adjusted automatically or manually
  • Flip display 0°, 90°, 180°, 170°
  • Large haptic keypad and low centre of gravity


Future-proof by changeable probes
  • Gauge body suitable for Fe-, NFe- and dual-probes
  • Quick change to cable probe
  • Integrated probe and cable probe available in one device
  • Increased readiness for use by quick change of probes
  • Fast adaption to different measuring tasks


Intuitive operation saving time and money
  • Easy adjustment
  • Intuitive menu guidance for the gauge and software, report by 3 clicks
  • Freely assignable key for individual fast access
  • Pre-configured standards

digital probe of our 3 probe generation

RGB-LED limit value display

QNix® 9500 with modular probe

maximum flexibility

The probe adaptor cable

quick change between integrated and cable probe

Extremely robust

for long and reliable use (IP65)
  • Stainless steel probe with dust protection membrane (IP65)
  • Resistant probe head with polished ruby
  • chemically resistant material to be cleaned with solvents (acetone, nitro dilution) - see also: How to clean the QNix® 9500 gauge?

QNix® 9500 measuring probe

even for small parts and those hard to be reached
  • precise measurings even on curvatures and an small parts
  • smallest curvature konvex Fe 6 mm, NFe 70 mm at zero point adjustment (standardization to zero)
  • Minimum thickness of the base metal Fe: 0,2 mm, NFe: 0,05 mm
  • smallest measuring surface 14,5 mm
  • weight 11,9 g

QNix® 9500 with integrated probe

an economic option
  • Probes available for QNix® 9500 integrated system - see: Which probes are available for the QNix® 9500?
  • The integrated system is available as Basic, Premium und Premium +
  • It is not possible to change the probe or to connect the handheld with a probe adaptor cable
  • o The RGB-LED display of limit values in the probe is not available

Report editor

quick and easy
  • Editing of individual report templates via drag-and-drop - see: How to create a report template by means of the QN9 software?
  • Including Logos, Photos of the measured part and of the last calibration certificate (digitally stored within the probe)
  • preconfiguration and free positioning of text, tables and graphic items

High Usability

intuitive, easy to understand
  • Browser based, independent of the current version of Windows
  • Graphical user interface

Live measuring

results are displayed in large numbers
  • Live measuring via QN9 software, even on a separate monitor
  • Limit value display on the monitor, the handheld and RGB-LED* in the probe (*only modular system)

Configuration of the gauge

comfortable and time saving
  • Creating jobs and areas individually named
  • Definition of limit values per job
  • Configuration of the settings for the system, display, limit values and probe

Get a report with 3 clicks

creating documentations very quickly

QNix® 9500 Product family

Basic functions
Basic functions Basic Premium Premium+
Colour LCD
Adjustable diplay resolution
Flip display 0°, 90°, 180°, 270° automatic or manual
Automatic brightness adjustment
Manual brightness adjustment
Acoustic measuring confirmation, adjustable sound
Change µm/mil
Battery replacement without loss of settings, date and time
Shows live statistics as values
Shows statistics as a graphic
Live measuring (measurement shown on PC)
Assign Hotkey Fix Start Just
Accurate measurement (delayed measurement when placed on surface) -
Activate measurement with button (adjustable) -
Pin protection -
Measuring Basic Premium Premium+
Automatic substrate switch
Manual substrate switch
Combined measuring (Fe and NFe coating with one measurement) -
Measuring speed ≥ 120 ≥ 120 ≥ 120
Continuous measuring mode
Durability Basic Premium Premium+
Robust, fibre reinforced 5 piece casing
IP class IP65 IP65 IP65
Operation temperature -20 °C to 70 °C -20 °C to 70 °C -20 °C to 70 °C
Interface Basic Premium Premium+
Adjustment Basic Premium Premium+
Individual (adjustment freely configurable) -
Adjustment memory in device (10 adjustments) -
ISO 19840 Zero Offset - -
ISO 19840 2-Point - -
SSPC PA2 Zero Offset - -
SSPC PA2 2-Point - -
Basic functions Basic Premium Premium+
Switch from area to area -
Copy settings of jobs/areas -
Jobs 1 1 100
Areas per Job 1 100 100
Spots per Area 10.000 10.000 10.000
Total memory 10.000 1.000.000 2.000.000
Basic functions Basic Premium Premium+
Adjustable limits
Pass/fail warning of limit value with LED
Define limits for each area -
Switiching areas automatically -
Individuell -
ISO 19840 - -
SSPC PA2 (80/120) (level 1-5) - -
IMO PSPC (90/10) - -
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