Calibration service

Testing and certification of your QNix® gauge


  1. Send us your QNix® gauge together with your order
    • Please provide the contact information of the appropriate contact person for possible questions:
    • If the certificate has to meet special requirements of your company, then please notify us in advance about this so that execution in our facility can be checked
  2. Order processing
    • We will test your gauge and give you a cost estimate
    • After approval we will perform the calibration and adjustment and any necessary servicing
  3. Shipping

Do you have questions about our calibration service, repair service or technology?

Our aim is to enable you to start using your QNix® gauge again at the soonest possible time. Quickly processing your order is therefore important to us. The lead time is usually around 1-3 days.

Your order for general operational control, calibration and certification:

If you need a rental device to tide you over during calibration and recertification, then we can offer you this for a fee. Our sales team will be glad to give you detailed information.

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There are no statutory regulations regarding the time intervals in which a test device must be calibrated or certified. The testing interval of a measuring instrument depends on the respective company's internal quality management requirements  or is determined through test equipment monitoring plus the individual terms of use.

Based on our long years of experience, we recommend testing and recertification on an annual basis.

Do you have questions about one of your QNix® coating thickness gauges?

Use our support inquiry or give us a call: +49 (221) 917-4550