Technical Support

We would like to help you as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Our Technical Support team will advise you in special application-related questions before the purchase and in questions about the functionality and use of your already purchased gauge. And so the following information is important so that we can do our job properly:

Application consulting

  1. Which substrate or substrates should be measured:
    • Fe (steel and iron)
    • NFe (nonferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, tin, zinc, brass, etc.)  
  2. Which layers should be measured:
    • Non-ferromagnetic layers on Fe substrates
    • Insulating layers on Fe or NFe substrates
  3. Range of layer thickness
  4. Tolerance specification
  5. How large is the available measurement surface?
  6. Should measured values be documented?

Technical support

  1. Customer number
  2. For gauges and probes
    • Gauge model or
    • product code
    • Serial number of the gauge
  3. Serial number of the probe
    • For our PC software QN7 and CarCheck System Plus:
    • Version of our software
    • Operating system version of your PC
    • 32 bit or 64 bit
    • Do you have administrator rights?

Do you have questions about one of your QNix® coating thickness gauges?

Use our support inquiry or give us a call: +49 (221) 917-4550