Warranty conditions:
Automation Dr. Nix GmbH & Co. KG

All products from Automation Dr. Nix GmbH & Co. KG, called Automation for short, are carefully checked and tested and are subject to our own strict controls.

Automation, therefore, provides a warranty for handheld devices and probes (hereinafter referred to as gauges) under the following conditions:

1. The legal claims of the buyer from the purchase contract with the seller do not lose their validity through this warranty.

2. The statutory warranty in German law is free of charge.

3. The warranty period is 2 years.

4. In case of a defect, this must be proven to be due to a material or manufacturing defect within the warranty period.

5. The warranty period begins with the handover to the initial customers.

6. Excluded from the warranty are

– Accessories (test foils and reference plates) and demonstration gauges.

– Parts that are subject to wear and tear due to use or other natural wear, as well as all other defects that can be attributed to wear and tear due to use or other natural factors;

– Defects on gauges that can be traced back to non-observance of the operating instructions in the operating manuals (damaged housing, lost battery cover, damaged and dirty measuring probes and sockets, damage caused by leaking battery acid, worn rubies), improper use, extreme environmental conditions, improper operating conditions, overloading or lack of maintenance or care;

– Defects on gauges caused by the use of accessories, supplementary or spare parts that are not original parts from Automation;

– Changes or additions to gauges.

– Gauges that have been completely or partially disassembled; as well as 

– Minor deviations on the gauge that are not relevant to the value and usability of the gauge.

7. The warranty claim must be asserted within its period. For this purpose, the affected gauge must be presented or sent in with a copy of the invoice and a description of the defect.

8. The assertion can be made

– by email to: info@automation.de

– or in writing to the warrantor:

Automation Dr. Nix GmbH & Co. KG

Robert-Perthel-Str. 2
50739 Cologne



9. If you send the gauge self-contained to Automation, you must carry the transport costs and risk.

10. The defect recognized by us as subject to the warranty is ascertained in such a way that we repair the defective gauge free of charge or replace it with a successor or alternative model, at our discretion. Replaced gauges become our property.

11. Our warranty does not justify claims other than the right to remedy defects in the gauge specified in these warranty conditions. In particular, you have no right to the transmission of a replacement gauge for the duration of the repair.

12. Warranty services do not extend the warranty period for the device.

13. An assignment of claims from this warranty is excluded.

14. Used gauges are excluded from the warranty.