QNix® 8500 wireless probe

QNix® 8500 wireless probe –
innovative, wireless coating thickness measurement

  • wireless probe for stable and safe measurements – even in areas with difficult access – easy-to-use, only 30 g wieght
  • available as Fe, NFe and dual probe with a maximum of up to 5,000 µm measuring range
  • with high measuring accuracy
  • wireless probe is charged via gauge
  • at least 2000 readings without re-charging

Application examples

  • easurements in areas with difficult access or in safety critical areas, e. g. during building, refurbishment, and safety projects, in the construction of planes, ships, and bridges
  • confirmatory measurements on steel constructions during rough everyday operations in changing and harsh environments
  • measurements of large surfaces or in great heights, on scaffolds, facades, elevators or ladders. Here, the low weight and the wireless transmission of the reading are beneficial
In addition: all the world-renowned benefits of the QNix® coating thickness measuring gauges:
  • easy-to-use
  • no calibration required
  • high measuring accuracy
  • long lasting measuring head with ruby tip
  • quality 'made in Germany' with 3 years manufacturer’s warranty


Please note:
Until 2007, the QNix® 8500 wireless probe was available under the name QuaNix®8500 wireless probe.