Area of application

Coating thickness measurement in industrial painting and contract coating

Increase efficiency and precision for liquid and powder coatings with coating thickness gauges from QNix®


The quality requirements placed on coatings in terms of design, durability and reliability are increasing constantly. These entail the constant development of new painting processes and technologies. This progress is also necessary since it is the only way you can meet the increasing environmental protection requirements and keep your price-performance ratio competitive. That is why efficiency is so critical in the coating process, quality assurance and order-related documentation.

QNix® coating thickness gauges help you in operations involving coating thickness measurements to measured value documentation. They are precise, easy to use and fast.


Measures efficiently

Efficiency is becoming more important in the area of contract coating and industrial painting. Quality assurance may account for a good deal of the overall expenditure, depending on how often you measure an object or a series and whether the measurements are also documented. QNix® coating thickness gauges are ergonomic and make very fast measurements even if you record several values in a row. You do not have to turn on the devices first. Simply position them, measure and read.

Our PC software QN7 makes documentation even easier and quicker. It has an Excel export function to help users. That means the documentation process is not only efficient but also independent of software.

Precise and accurate

To improve the accuracy of measured results, coating thickness gauges must be adjusted before use. This adjustment process (also frequently referred to as calibration) allows you to adapt the devices to the properties of the base substrate. However, for many applications, there is no need to adjust the QNix® measurement devices using foils.

QNix® coating measurement gauges have a measurement technology that, combined with the factory calibration stored in the device, guarantees precise and correct measured results. Usually, all you need to do is perform a simple zero adjustment (initialization) of the device on the uncoated base substrate. You can check the precision of the adjustment with calibration standards (calibration foils).

Easy to use

Technical tools are becoming more and more complex these days. They need to meet the individual requirements of every user. Coating thickness gauges, in particular, have many functions that are used in a wide variety of sectors and must cover many different requirements.

QNix® has taken on the challenge of developing easy-to-use measurement devices. QNix® focuses both on high “Made in Germany” quality and ease of use. And we meet our own demands, both in terms of easy and fast coating thickness measurement and software-supported results documentation.

Protects the paint and the measuring tip during measurements

Surface protection is especially important where decorative layers are concerned. The measuring tips of our gauges are equipped with a polished ruby so that they leave no scratches or imprints on the paint surface. The ruby also protects against wear and tear on the measuring probe, increases the lifespan of the device and guarantees repeatable measurement results.


Our recommendations for this area of application

QNix® 8500

  • Extendable, modular device system with replaceable probes and a measurement range of up to 5000 µm – future-proofed for new measurement tasks throughout the entire product lifecycle
  • Users can replace the probe cable
  • High measurement speeds of up to 120 measurements/minute
  • Quick and easy calibration function
  • Duplex measurement mode for measuring multi-layer systems
  • Enough memory for up to 30,000 measurement values in over 200 blocks with statistics functionality 
  • PC software for evaluation and documentation
  • Acoustic and visual display if set minimum and maximum coating thicknesses are either not met or exceeded
  • Durable ruby measurement tip for a large number of measurements
  • An optional rubber cover with Velcro fasteners reduces shock sensitivity

QNix® 4500

  • Compact gauge for fast measurement of coatings
  • Polished ruby measurement tip for a large number of measurements and to protect the surface measured
  • High measurement speeds of up to 110 measurements/minute 
  • Simple and fast calibration function (zero-point adjustment) on the uncoated original substrate or the supplied reference standards
  • Device versions with integrated or cable probes, measuring range of up to 3000 µm or 5000 µm
  • Measurement on ferrous and non-ferrous metals (Fe and NFe)
  • Also available as a purely Fe gauge

Additional areas of application