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QNix® PC Software

QNix® 9500 PC Software
Download the installer

QNix® 8500 PC Software
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QNix® CarCheckSystemPLUS
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Installation Guide QNix® 9500 PC Software

  • Unzip file after download
    • Depending on zip-program the view on computer may vary. Common procedure:  select file, press right button of mouse then  select  „extract all“
    • Choose a storage location
  • Execute file Setup_QN9_Installation.exe in the storage location determined before
  • Follow the installation instructions
  • After successful installation start the program via desktop ICON or via start menu in the file „Automation“

Update the installation files of QNix®9 of your gauge

(Only necessary for generating a backup copy. The following steps are not obligatory for a faultless operation)

  • Unzip file after download

    • Common procedure: right mouse button on file, then select „ extract all“
    • Choose a storage location
  • Connect your gauge with the PC (use a USB cable). A new drive „QNix 9500“ will appear in Explorer
  • Copy all files and directories of the unzipped download file in this drive.
  • When asked replace the existing file.


Product data sheets & brochures:

QNix® Firmware (Handheld devices / sonde)


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