Coating thickness measurement with CarCheck System PLUS

CarCheck System PLUS lets you use paint layer thickness measurements documented with images and data to make qualified motor vehicle assessments

QNix® 1500 / 1200 is our recommendation for vehicle assessment


Professional motor vehicle assessment with CarCheck System PLUS

With CarCheck System PLUS, users can measure the coating thickness of motor vehicle paint layers on metallic substrates with the help of images and data. Users can preconfigure measurement procedures, and documentation takes place automatically.

You can position measured values on original photos, which is a real advantage because they create transparent reliability for motor vehicle assessments. Especially when it comes to buying vintage or used cars or evaluating accident and insurance damage, reliable measurements are a must.

The CarCheck System PLUS from Automation Dr. Nix gives motor vehicle experts, appraisers, and car dealerships a basis for consistent process control. Long-term documentation supported by a database is also very easy with QNix®.

Freely configurable measurement process and gap-free documentation

Paint layer thickness measurements which are systematically performed for vehicles have two key features: Users can configure the measurement process as they please, and the documentation has no gaps.

It guarantees a high level of security for all parties involved via record keeping supported by photos and data. That means you are on the safe side when it comes to accident assessments, insurance questions and buying used cars, as well as in the courtroom.

CarCheck System PLUS is based on the technology of the  QNix® 1500, the coating thickness gauge most often used by appraisers and experts. CarCheck System PLUS came into being in connection with the QNix® 8500 gauge system. We focus on the specific practice of users.

That is how we developed a robust, easy-to-use and reliable coating thickness gauge for evaluation and documentation processes in vehicle assessment – with a large measurement range and an innovative software solution.

With the freely configurable CarCheck System PLUS, motor vehicle experts can conveniently measure and document the thickness of each of the motor vehicle’s paint layers. In that manner, high-quality and comprehensible measurement records complete motor vehicle assessments.

All QNix® coating thickness gauges are designed according to our easy-to-use principle: position, measure and read.

All the advantages of QNix® at a glance:

  • Easy operation: Position – measure – read
  • High accuracy and precision
  • Easy zero-point calibration
  • Polished ruby measurement head tip protects the surface to be measured

Product information

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Work more efficiently with “jobs”: Configurable examination areas

A “job” is the measurement of an entire motor vehicle or its individual components. A job can be divided into various freely configurable examination areas, each of which corresponds to a component (body component) and can be summarised into a job (order/vehicle). You can save the measured data of up to 10 jobs at the same time in the gauge.

The gauge saves the measured values for each component. The names of the components are preconfigured. However, users can assign them whichever names they like. For example, you can name an examination area “engine bonnet”. The measured values it stores are assigned accordingly.

In this manner, measurement devices from QNix ensure replicability and transparency for customers and contracting parties. Your advantage: You increase the documentary value of the measured results.

Communication between gauge and computer

The gauge and PC communicate with each other through the wireless interface. You can create the measurement task either on the handheld device or using the PC software. However, it is considerably easier and more convenient to configure the measurement task using the PC software. After you enter information, the PC transmits it to the device wirelessly through the supplied USB adapter.

The measured values incorporated into the various examination areas (such as the mud guards or the engine bonnet) are stored in the handheld device and transferred to the documentation and configuration software via the supplied USB adapter. Here, users can also add one or several original photos of the measured vehicle to the record. You can position the measured values automatically (using a grid you have configured) or manually at the relevant measurement points.

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CarCheck System PLUS in detail

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use handheld device with menu-guided measurement system
  • Can be used for individual measurements as well
  • Large measurement range: up to 5,000 µm (5 mm) total layer thickness
  • Automatic substrate recognition (Fe/NFe)
  • No time-intensive adjustment (calibration) with reference foils necessary
  • Robust device with high precision
  • “Made in Germany” 
  • Probe cable for tight places that are difficult to access (included in the standard delivery)
  • Polished ruby measuring tip protects the vehicle’s paint

Easy to enter and process data

  • Can record, store and manage vehicle and customer information pertaining to the measurements
  • Creation and management of the component names used
  • Imports and exports individual records and the database (data from all the records)
  • Creates and manages examination areas used

Convenient and secure data transfer

  • Wireless data transfer
  • Synchronises order-related job information between the gauge and the PC
  • Measured values transferred to the PC

Users can adjust it in many ways

  • Freely configurable logs
  • Users can freely choose the definition and number of examination areas
  • Any number of measurements in each examination area

Custom assignment of measurement values to images

  • Users can place the measurement values on an image of their choice (for instance, the original photo of the measured vehicle)
  • Automatically places measured values in grid fields previously defined by the user

Quick and easy measurement protocol creation

  • Add images that can be included as explanations in all records
  • Customise the protocol by including your own company logo
  • Can create and output records as PDFs or Word/Excel files

Our range of probes for the QNix® 8500

QNix® 8500 standard probes (dual 5 mm)
Probe Measurement range Substrate Deviation
Dual 5 mm 5000 µm Fe / NFe 0 – 1999 µm: +/- (1 µm + 2%)
2000 – 5000 µm: +/- (1 µm + 3,5%)
Smallest measuring surface Smallest radius of curvature Smallest substrate thickness
Fe ∅ 25 mm Convex: 5 mm
Concave: 25 mm
200 µm
NFe ∅ 25 mm Convex: 5 mm
Concave: 25 mm
50 µm

An adapter cable (1 m) is supplied with the probe


Overview of CarCheck System PLUS


Delivery kit of the CarCheck System PLUS

  • QNix® handheld device (CarCheck System PLUS version)
  • Dual 5 mm measuring probe
  • Adapter cable for external probe 
  • Software CD and USB dongle 
  • Test certificate for measuring probe
  • Fe and NFe reference plate
  • 2 1.5V (AA) alkaline Mignon batteries
  • Operating instructions
  • Soft pouch with belt clip
  • Plastic case for transport and storage

Technical data CarCheck System PLUS

Measuring principle Two magnetic measuring principles
Fe: Magnetic induction - see Fe* (ISO 278)
NFe: Eddy current - see NFe* (ISO 2360)
Probe type Standard probes, 5 mm dual
Switching units µm/mil
Period between measurements 500 ms – 1600 ms
Measurement value display From 0 – 999 in µm, in mm as of 1000 µm
Display resolution 0.1 µm in the 0 – 100 µm range
1 µm in the 100 – 999 µm range
0.01 mm starting at 1000 µm
Display Backlit LCD
Operating temperature range 0 - 50°
Permissible storage temperature -10° C - 60° C
Power supply 2 x 1.5 V batteries (type AA alkaline)
Dimensions without probe (L x W x H in mm) 90 x 65 x 30
Weight incl. batteries (without probe) 114 g

Fe*: Measurement of non-ferrous or non-ferromagnetic coatings on ferromagnetic substrate such as: Measurement on iron or steel substrate


NFe*: Measurement of non-ferrous or non-ferromagnetic and non-electrically conductive coatings on non-ferrous or non-ferromagnetic and electrically conductive substrate such as: Measurement on aluminium, zinc, copper, brass and certain stainless steel substrates

Subject to technical changes without notice

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