Bridge building restoration

Coating thickness measurements and monitoring

Safety inspections of steel bridges concerning corrosion are an essential part of road safety. Therefore, bridge constructions are inspected on a regular basis using state-of-the-art coating thickness measurement technology. In Germany the inspection and monitoring of engineering work is regulated in the DIN 1076 standard.

Systematic procedures and documentation  

When completing and monitoring coating work, systematic procedure and documentation of each taken step is necessary. Depending on the object size, constant inspections on predefined inspection surfaces are essential in order to verify the separate coatings of a coating system.  

Robust gauges without calibration  

The rough and changing surrounding conditions of coating work and its inspection demand robust, reliable and easy-to-use measuring devices operating on a daily basis. Changes in temperature demand a great deal of measuring devices. Despite all these different influences, the user wants reliable measurements without the need for complex adjustments or settings. Under such circumstances high quality as well as safe and easy operation are essential for precise measurements. Usual accessories such as calibration foils can impede with the work. Therefore, AUTOMATION Dr. Nix develops measurement devices, which are immediately applicable on a variety of different types of ferromagnetic steel without complex calibration or adjustment.  

Coating thickness gauges with radio control probes  

Despite difficult conditions on bridge construction sites, the coatings on the various inspection surfaces have to be verified in a reliable manner; especially in difficult to access and often insufficiently coated measuring spots. In addition, the risk of corrosion in these critical areas is increased due to developing humidity and they have to be considered particularly when inspected. For such measurements, in particular AUTOMATION Dr. Nix offers special measurement devices with very low installation height: from extremely flat gauges to small measurement probes transmitting the measuring data to a display device. Cable bound or wired probes are in many cases hindering and can - for instance when working in a ladder - prove to be a cause of accidents, which should not be taken lightly. Especially for measurements in areas of such critical safety, including great height or places with difficult access, the wireless measurement probe QNix® sat has been developed to ensure safe one-handed operation.  

Systematic acquisition of measurement data

The new QNix® 8500 does not only allow wireless transmission of the measurement data, but the measured coating thicknesses can be documented in accordance to standards by creating a list of individual measurements and the corresponding statistical analysis for each inspection surface. Using the statistics function for calculating the standard deviation, the average, minimum and maximum values, the roughness of a substrate and/or the unevenness of the coating can be determined, displayed and recorded. Depending on the size of restoration projects, several thousand measurements can be recorded with the gauge if required. To sort and systematically and safely record the measurements of each inspection surface on location memory batches can be set up in the QNix® 8500 gauge and assigned to the respective inspection surfaces.  

Solutions for statistics and data evaluation with a PC  

The user can select memory batches on-site and then immediately receive a read-out on the gauge showing: average, standard deviation, minimum and maximum values of each individual batch. The QNix® memory batches can be created either directly using the gauge or using a standard PC communicating with the gauge via a second wireless connection. The QNix® 8500 gauge pre-configuration with the PC is particularly convenient when using consistent batch names throughout a project. To receive all necessary measuring data fast, measurements in the saved batches can be transmitted to a PC, printed out or send electronically. The individual requirements of users are met by allowing transmission of the data to Microsoft Excel that provides particularly flexible analysis features. In addition to the individual measurements, QNix® 8500 provides statistical functions such as average and standard deviation and graphic representation of the distribution of measurement values in a histogram. A complete chain of measurement is created, from data analysis through the user's quality system, guaranteeing a convenient, precise, fast, and standardized documentation for verification purposes.


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