World first: CarCheck System PLUS

The new CarCheck System PLUS from Automation.Dr Nix with its image-based documentation and systematically guided and practical coating thickness measurements forms the foundation of future process inspection. The CarCheck System PLUS is a menu-driven quality system providing image-based analysis and documentation of measurements in accordance with current and future rules and regulations of the automotive industry. Based on the proven QNix® 1500 technology, user-related features and advantages have been improved, resulting in a rugged, easy-to-use, and reliable next generation measuring system with large measuring range and an innovative software solution. A coating thickness measuring system for high quality expert reports that will stand their ground in the court of law.

Detailed Information:

TÜV SÜD CoatingCheck improves measurement safety and cost-effectiveness

About four million times a year accidents happen on German roads; and although the police recorded only about 2.23 million accidents in 2006, the so-called "minor damages" amount to billions. In most cases, insurance companies have to pay for these damages. Whenever damage assessment is an issue, the use of innovative state-of-the-art technology is a perquisite. Therefore, TÜV SÜD in collaboration with AUTOMATION Dr. Nix has now developed a new future-oriented device system improving measurement safety and cost-effectiveness even further.

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CoatingCheck press release for für TÜV SÜD (german)